Working with What You Have

After preparing the segment for Renaissance Magazine, Brandon and I had a lot of left overs – about 3/4 lb of pieces of roast pork (uncooked), carrots, leeks, and a few other ingredients.  I put them together to create a lovely curry pork and vegetables.

Utilizing the ingredients above and adding a few, I created a dish that was quoted as, “tastes like it came from a ‘nice’ Asian restaurant” from a Chinese national. 

Below is the recipe I came up and I have been enjoying it for my lunches. 

one cup of leftover braised carrot and leek dish
3/4 lb of roast pork, cut up
one onion, thinly sliced
1/2 cup of frozen peas
1 tbsp of yellow curry powder (store bought)
1 tsp ground cumin
2 pinches of sea salt
ground pepper to taste
1 tbsp of cooking oil (sesame or sunflower)

In a heated wok, add the oil and when hot enough begin adding the pork to begin cooking.  Turn the pork every two minutes so that it begins to brown nicely and add the onions. 

Continue to cook and add the left over braised carrots and leeks.  Continue to cook and add frozen peas.  Continue to stir when cooking and add the curry powder and cumin.   Finish with the salt and pepper. 

I did not need to use rice or noodles with this dish.  It should be sweet and savory, not spicy.   Sadly, I ate it all before I could photograph the plate.

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Alice uses cast iron pots and wooden utensils and keeps the recipes as close to the traditional recipe as possible. She even utilizes a fire pit located outside her home to test authentic recipes. For more information about Alice the Cook, visit her website at In future blogs, I will offer recipes, kitchen hints, and historical cooking lessons.
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