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Strong Recommendation – A Local Craftsman

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I wanted to provide a great recommendation to my readers.  Caufield Clay Works,, located in Saint Paul, Minnesota, provides some beautiful ceramics.  They have also been kind enough to donate several ceramic dishes and plates to Alice the Cook’s kitchen.

As a note, all of the food photographed on this website is shot on Caufield Clay Works plates.  If you are looking for some beautiful stoneware, or other items, please consider visiting his online studio at

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Keeping it Local

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Each weekend, I visit our local farmer’s markets to pick up produce for the household.  I visit the Minneapolis Farmer’s Market on Saturdays and the St. Paul Farmer’s Market on Sundays.  I pick up fresh vegetables, herbs, meats, and dairy.  I take pride in knowing that I am helping local farmers and other entrepreneurial spirits by visiting and purchasing from their booths.  I still shop at our local grocery stores, but I do tend to favor the local shops and vendors.  

Some of the delicacies I have encountered include Hope Butter, which provides a delicious finish to any dish or topping, Amish butter, or free-range dairy goods.  Some people may not realize that grass-fed cattle and dairy cows are happy and their produce are high in Omega-3  fatty acids (good for you) and have less instances of illnesses and require less antibiotics and growth hormones (also good for you).  

In the Twin Cities, I tend to favor plenty of local restaurants because they are not large conglomerates or they use locally raised produce.  Among my favorites include Ngon Vietnamese Bistro, Wild Onion, or Lucia’s.  Because of the economy, all restaurants are hurting, but if you take a moment to think about where you eat and who benefits from your dining out, you can make it worthwhile.

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