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First Promotional Video

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After years of being asked what I do, I created a video from the photographs supplied by my fans.  They are each recognized for their kindness at the end of the video and I received written permission from the band, Misplaced, to use “Tell My Ma” for this video.  Please be kind with the comments, I am a cook and not a videographer. 

Thank you all for your continued support.  I look forward to seeing many of you in 2013.

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A photography contest

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Would you like to win one of Alice the Cook‘s autographed, hard cover cookbooks and one of her hand crafted spice blends?

Alice the Cook is hosting a photography contest.  Photograph Alice the Cook, one of her assistants, their kitchen, and/or one of their dishes and post it on the Alice the Cook’s facebook fan page and you will be entered into a drawing.  Photos must must be taken at the 2012 Minnesota Renaissance Festival.

The winner will be announced in early October.  Photos already submitted already qualify for this contest.

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Strong Recommendation – A Local Craftsman

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I wanted to provide a great recommendation to my readers.  Caufield Clay Works,, located in Saint Paul, Minnesota, provides some beautiful ceramics.  They have also been kind enough to donate several ceramic dishes and plates to Alice the Cook’s kitchen.

As a note, all of the food photographed on this website is shot on Caufield Clay Works plates.  If you are looking for some beautiful stoneware, or other items, please consider visiting his online studio at

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