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Book Review: Informative and Interesting

Occasionally, I am asked to review various cookbooks and most of the time I refuse, but when I was asked to review Skinny Spices: 50 Nifty Homemade Spice Blends That Can Turn Blah Healthy Eating Into Flavor-Rich Delicious Dining, I thought I would … Continue reading

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First Promotional Video

After years of being asked what I do, I created a video from the photographs supplied by my fans.  They are each recognized for their kindness at the end of the video and I received written permission from the band, … Continue reading

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A new cookbook & an older one

Well my fans, I’ve been rather busy working on a new cookbook.  I learned a lot from the last one and I wanted to improve what I had, offer friendlier prices, and provide quality cookbooks that I could be proud of … Continue reading

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Rosemary Health Benefits

In ancient times, Rosemary was used to relieve abdominal pain, gout, insomnia, and for the calming nerves. People would burn rosemary branches on the altars of the gods, considering it a sacred herb and the Egyptians placed the herb in … Continue reading

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Coming Soon – Benefits of Spices

On my facebook page, fans have asked a lot of questions on spices and herbs. I’m going to begin adding some information on the historical uses of spices and herbs and share a recipe focused on that spice/herb. My goal is to … Continue reading

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