Spitted Beef

Before people get the wrong idea, spitted beef is cooked on a spit.  Several weekends ago, the community kitchen aptly named the “Family Table” at the Minnesota Renaissance Festival, prepard a beef shoulder and slow cooked it on a spit.

The meat was so well received, we are posting the recipe here:MRF090907014

Beef shoulder or large rump roast (the one we used was 14 lbs)
2 TB olive oil
sea salt
black pepper
4 cloves of garlic, minced
4 sprigs of rosemary, minced
spit or rotisserie

Cut up the beef so that its size is evenly distributed on the spit or rotisserie.  Once on the spit, blend the olive oil, minced garlic, and minced rosemary to form a rough paste.  Massage the paste liberally onto the beef.  Sprinkle salt and pepper and begin cooking in on a medium heat. If you are blessed and own an automatic or electric rotisserie, follow the directions for cooking a beef roast.  If you are cooking it over a fire, as we had, you will want to turn the beef a 1/3 to a half a turn every 15-20 minutes.

Depending on how well you would like the meat cooked will determine the length on the spit.  We cooked our 14 lbs roast for 3 hours and had a medium to medium well roast.  The ends will always be well done.

I personally like this dish served with grilled asparagus, but everyone has their own way of preparing and serving the meal.

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Alice uses cast iron pots and wooden utensils and keeps the recipes as close to the traditional recipe as possible. She even utilizes a fire pit located outside her home to test authentic recipes. For more information about Alice the Cook, visit her website at http://www.alicethecook.com In future blogs, I will offer recipes, kitchen hints, and historical cooking lessons.
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