Skirt Steak

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It is no secret that I love food.  I enjoy a well-prepared meal.


Tool of the Trade

Tool of the Trade

Several years ago, I was introduced to a cut of beef known as a skirt steak.  Skirt steak is a well flavored, tender cut of beef usually popular in Mexican cuisine in fajitas and shredded beef dishes.  When grilled slowly, it is one of the more tasier morsels you will encounter.   

We discovered this past week, that Metro area Super Target stores has been having sales on several of their beef products including beef ribs, skirt steaks, etc.  I paid $6.80 for a piece that would feed six.  It was slow cooked on the grill on low heat and served with rice and grilled asparagus.  Ideally, skirt steak should be cooked medium-well and let to sit for 5 minutes after pulling off the heat to let the moisture settle, but not drain. 

I urge you to find your own way of preparing this little known morsel.  You may find your own marinade and soon this can become a family favorite.


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