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An interesting article on cultural food taboos.  I thought I would share. Read it here

It’s an interesting article.  Over the years, I’ve tried various foods in my travels.  Early on, I tried somethings I enjoyed like rattlesnake, venison, and elk, but more over I found things I didn’t like: squirrel, raccoon, and bear.  I benefited that my former father-in-law, was, at one time, the head of DNR for Northern Wisconsin.  Through him, I was able to try some of the more exotic meats.

Later, I’ve had the experience of trying other dishes: locusts, ants, dog, horse, etc.  All the while, learning about other cultures.  What did the dishes mean, why were certain spices used with dishes and not others.

Recently, I learned about my family’s internal cultures and associations.  Despite my interests in a lot of Middle Eastern flavors and dishes, my husband, who is a paramedic, associates some of the smells with various injuries and infections he has encountered while being on the job.  Despite being married nearly 8 years, I never knew this about him.  Being sympathetic, I now understand his aversion to certain foods and dishes.  I also have my own food taboos such as not eating internal organs, which includes casings for hot dogs and other sausages.  It’s rather humorous watching me eat a bratwurst when I have to skin it before eating.

In the future, I work very hard at making items that won’t cause him to associate dishes with his own work experiences.

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