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  1. I am part of the Saint Paul Bread Club and a blogger about wood-fired ovens. Your oven project on Kickstarter looks like you are trying to get a cob oven that is portable. I teach people how to build portable ovens, but they are not exactly medieval. One would cost you a lot less than your $4500 goal for Kickstarter (not counting a trailer!). I might blog about your baking efforts, since they involve WFO. I’m in Saint Paul (perhaps that’s obvious).

  2. anj68 says:

    HI David, Thanks for writing. I would love to hear more about your blog. I am not a baker by profession, just someone who is passionate about hisotrical cooking. I would love it if you could teach me how to make a cob oven.

  3. Kerry says:

    I came across your website when looking for what may be gluten free at the Renassaince Festival. Would you happen to know? Thanks!!!!!

  4. anj68 says:

    Hi Kerry, It all depends on the festival.

    At the TX festival, they provide a list of GF options. I am somewhat skeptical of their list, but I did clean it up
    Baked potato, plain or sweet potato
    Turkey legs
    Sausage on a stick
    Beef or pork ribs
    Stir fry with rice Beef, chicken or veggie
    Red beans and rice
    Steak on a stake
    Pork on a stick
    Twisted potato (plain with salt and pepper)
    Roasted Corn on the cob
    Fresh Fruit
    Fresh fruit and cheese tray without bread

    At the MN fair, I recommend these choices as well
    Turkey leg
    pork ribs or rib tips
    steak on a stick
    fresh fruit
    porkchop on a stick
    Shish kabob
    Frozen Lemonade
    Queens Greens or salads (without the croutons)
    Greek salad (without the pita)
    Greek plate (without the pita)

    Almost all of the festivals claim their fries are GF, but I am skeptical on that claim.

    I hope that helps.

  5. I found a portable wood-fired oven that might be usable for some of your purposes:×70.htm

    I believe there is someone in the Twin Cities who has one, and might even be an importer for them:

    I know it’s not the kind you were looking for, but it might be workable for you.

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