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A new cookbook & an older one

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Well my fans, I’ve been rather busy working on a new cookbook.  I learned a lot from the last one and I wanted to improve what I had, offer friendlier prices, and provide quality cookbooks that I could be proud of producing. 

To view both cookbooks, click HERE.

As you can see, the cookbooks are offered in a soft-cover, hard-cover and an e-book format.  They are both being reviewed by iTunes and I should know in the next month or so if they will be accepted. 

If you like what I do, please consider purchasing a cookbook or two as it helps fund my research, my writing, and it validates what I do.  :)

In the meantime, please do not hesitate to contact me or ask me questions.  I love to hear from my fans.


A new adventure

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Now that the Minnesota Renaissance Festival has ended for 2012, I am looking at creating new adventures.  Next Saturday, I will be auditioning for MasterChef season 4.  I don’t know if I will get called back, but it is worth a try.


Keep your fingers crossed.

This weekend is unusual.  There are two separate themes running this upcoming weekend.  On Festival Friday at the Minnesota Renaissance Festival, students come in and the festival provides a number of educational opportunities.  For more information, you can download their program HERE.

For Festival Friday, I will have four lecture based demonstrations at 11am, 1pm, 3pm and 5pm.  My cooking will be very limited that day as all of my assistants will be unable to attend.  Festival Friday will provide ample opportunity to speak with me one-on-one. 

For Irish weekend, you can download the program HERE.  My shows for the final weekend are:

11am:  Spice making demonstrations

12:30pm:  Soda Bread and Irish Stew cooking demonstration

2pm: History of Spices

4pm: Cooking with Whiskey cooking demonstration

5pm: Seasoning your cast iron pots

This is the final show of the season.


Alice the Cook working at her wood-fired oven

This weekend at the Minnesota Renaissance Festival is Oktoberfest and Alice the Cook and her assistants are planning German themed demonstrations at our 12:30pm and 4:00pm shows.  Below is our schedule for this coming weekend:

11:00am – Spice making demonstration – garam masala, curry, and ras el hanout

12:30pm – German pretzel and pumpernickel demonstrations

2:00pm – History of spices in Europe and their uses

4:00pm – German wiener schnitzel, red cabbage, and spaetzel

5:00pm – Seasoning your cast iron cookware.

We hope to see you there!


Alice the Cook and her assistants, Rose (L), Alice, Rissa, and Olaf (R). Photo by Renee Neumann (August 26, 2012)

This next weekend is Love, Chocolate and Romance weekend at the Minnesota Renaissance Festival.  We will be performing 5 shows each day this weekend:11:00am – Spice making demonstration

12:30pm – Bread making – history of bread and how it was made back in the Renaissance  (we will be using wheat flour).

2:00pm – History of spices and their uses

4:00pm – Romantic meal: Cornish game hens along with field mushrooms with hazelnuts and port wine poached pears

5:00pm – How to season your cast iron pots, wooden utensils, and honing your kitchen knives.

We are always cooking up a storm!  We are located next to Como Cottage and near the Mead Booth and Mac’s Pub.  Hope to see you there!

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