Braised Leeks with Carrots

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Due to time and space, I could not include the side dish featured in the July issue of Renaissance Magazine.  I offer readers and opportunity to find it here on the website in case they want to prepare it for themselves.



5 TB butter

1 and a half lbs. of carrots, thickly sliced

1 tsp honey

2 fresh bay leaves

5 TB water

1 and a half lbs. leeks, cut into 2 inch lengths

1/2 cup white wine

2 TB chopped parsley

salt and ground black pepper


Melt 2 TB butter in a wide, heavy pan and cook the carrots without allowing them to brown, for about 5 minutes.Add the bay leaves, seasoning, honey, and the water and cook for 10 minutes or until the carrots are tender.Uncover the pan and boil until the juices have evaporated, leaving the carrots moist and glazed.Remove the carrots from the pan and set aside.


Melt 2 TB of remaining butter in the pan.Add the leeks and fry them over low heat for 4 -5 minutes without allowing them to brown.Add seasoning, a couple of drops of honey, the wine, and half of the chopped herbs.Heat until simmering, then cover and cook gently for 5 – 8 minutes, until the leeks are tender, but not collapsed.


Uncover the leeks and turn them in the buttery juices, increase the heat and then boil the liquid rapidly until reduced to a few tablespoons.Add the carrots to the leeks and reheat them gently, stirring occasionally, then add the remaining butter.Adjust the seasoning, if necessary.Transfer to a warmed serving dish and serve sprinkled with the remaining chopped herbs.


Braised Leeks and Carrots

Braised Leeks and Carrots

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