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I love experimenting with different items in the kitchen.  Once the cookbook is wrapped up and ready for distribution, I will be looking at creating hand-crafted flavored salts and sugars for the gourmet at heart.

Some of the specialty items I may offer include:

Chili Salt
Garlic Salt
Rosemary Salt
Shallot Salt
Cinnamon Sugar
Nutmeg Sugar
Citrus Sugar

All of the salts will be made with sea salt and the specialty sugars will be made with raw sugar.  I will not more later, but this is merely a planning stage.

Recently, I have  been experimenting with flavored butters.  Once of them is a curry butter that I have been adding to fish and pasta recipes as well as old fashioned popcorn.

4 TB unsalted butter, meltedn10686975771_836866_8585
1 tsp of prepared curry powder
1/4 tsp of ground cumin
pinch of salt

Stir the spices in with the melted butter and blend with a wooden utensil.  Do not use a metal utensil as it will damage the mix. After mixing, let the butter sit for 5 minutes and blend again before applying.

A Spanish influence flavored butter:
4 TB unsalted butter, melted
1/8 tsp fresh cilantro, minced
1/16 tsp of fresh garlic, minced
1/16 tsp of chili powder
pinch of ground cumin
pinch of fresh lime zest
pinch of sea salt

Combine ingredients and let sit for 5 minutes, occasionally  swirling them together to blend.  Add to chicken, seafood, or vegetables while grilling.  If you prefer vegetarian cooking, substitute the butter for olive oil.  The spices need to sit in the olive oil for an hour before using to adopt the flavors.  ENJOY!

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