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Scotch Eggs Recipe

One of my favorite treats from the United Kingdom (UK) are Scotch Eggs.  I have seen them served with mustard, gravy, and cheese, but my favorite way of eating them is with gravy and horseradish. What is a Scotch Egg? … Continue reading

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Moroccan Tangine Chicken

This was one of our more popular shows this weekend.  Tangine cooking uses a cone shaped ceramic pot that bastes the food as it cooks.  For those who travel, the ceramic pots would not hold up, so cast iron pots were often … Continue reading

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Middle Eastern Themed Curry Egg Salad

During shows, my assistant and I encounter leftover items that we do not want to throw out.  During the Siouxland Renaissance Festival in 2006, we encountered post-breakfast issue of having leftover hard boiled eggs and rice porridge.  By combining them with chickpeas (garbanzo … Continue reading

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Oven Roasted Potatoes

When my assistants and I are performing demonstrations at the Minnesota Renaissance Festival, we will often whip up soemthing to see what happens. We have lots of successful (experiments) and a few failed ones. This one was a popular success. … Continue reading

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