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Oxtail Soup Recipe

Below is the recipe as it appears in the May issue of Renaissance Magazine.     Oxtail dishes are found across cultures.  From Northern Europe, across the British Isles, Ottoman Empire, Mediterranean, Arabic, and Far Eastern cultures have all used … Continue reading

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Individual Shepherd/Cottage Pies

When I was younger and visited various renaissance festivals and rendezvous, I would always look forward to a few dishes.  One of which was cottage or shepherd pies.  This dish is great and with some creativity, can be utilized and adjusted … Continue reading

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Sometimes experiments work, and sometimes they don’t

Just like many cooks, I enjoy experimenting with different recipes, techniques, and flavors.  Some things have worked and other have been disastrous.  Several years ago, an experiments Nicholas and I tried worked out wonderfully.  We created cedar smoked pork and … Continue reading

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Vegetable Pie

Many cooks will take shortcuts to make the cooking process easier.  Below was a surprisingly easy dish that is vegetarian. You can make it vegan very easily.  In the recipe, I utilize a soup (courtesy of Trader Joe’s or Whole … Continue reading

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Two Recipes for the Blog of One

At times, life will get the best of me.  Like others, I become distracted with life, work, and other pursuits.  I was reminded that fans come to this page for more historical cooking and recipes.  To make up for this … Continue reading

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